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Memphis World: Wright, Benson On Commission
The Youth Guidance Commission has approved the appointment of Robert Wright and Warner Benson to its membership.
Nov 4, 1961

Memphis World: A Commission With A Challenge
The appointment of, a special commission by the President of the United States "to seek out the causes and cures in racial disorders" was a stroke in the right direction. The President doe ...
Aug 5, 1967

Memphis World: Negro Weed To Commission, The Boss Resigns
The Texas Employment Commission's hiring of a Houston Negro attorney brought the resignation last week of the commission's general counsel, CM. Turlington.
Oct 5, 1963

Memphis World: Park Commission Bias Charged
The Memphis NAACP last week called on the U. S. Attorney General to investigate the Memphis Park Commission.
Jul 2, 1966

Memphis World: Nigerians Visit Civil Service Commission
Four Nigerian civil service employees visited the United States Civil Service Commission last week to observe the operations of the American Commission.
Jul 9, 1960

Memphis World: More Requested For Rights Commission
The Federal Budget, which President Eisenhower has submitted to Congress, carries an increase of $215,000 for the Civil Rights Commission.
Jan 30, 1960

Memphis World: Editor Named To Human Relations Commission
New assistant director of the Illinois Commission on Human Relations is Miss Olive M. Diggs, community relations assistant for the Chicago Land Clearance Commission, and former editor of the now defun ...
Feb 12, 1952

Memphis World: Diggs Emancipation Commission Bill Dead
A resolution calling for the establishment of on Emancipation Proclamation Centennial Celebration Commission was killed, Tuesday by the first session of this congress.
Jan 30, 1960

Memphis World: Rights Commission Hollis Closed Talks
Officials of two Mississippi cities with past racial troubles testified Thursday at a closed-door meeting of the U. S. Civil Rights Commission.
Feb 20, 1965

Memphis World: Commission Probes Employment Bias
The State Commission Against Discrimination last Wednesday began an investigation into alleged discriminatory practices by private employment agencies in the city.
Jan 6, 1950

Memphis World: Clark Elected To Commission Of Association Group
BATON ROUGE, La . . . The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools broke president at its annual meeting now in session at Louisville, Kentucky and elected a Negro to its Commission on college, th ...
Dec 12, 1964

Memphis World: Beautiful Commission Discusses Flower Show
The City Beautiful Commission met recently at the home of Mrs. M. J. Simmons, 1110 So. Orleans.
Sep 24, 1960