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Memphis World: Progress Of Negro In Memphis Amazed 1964 Jubilee Queen
Pretty Miss Nadine Poindexter, the 1964 queen of Memphis' Cotton Makers' Jubilee, returned to her home bubbling over with praise
Jun 6, 1964

Memphis World: NAACP Opens Fire On Cotton Makers Jubilee
A joint release this week from the NAACP and the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance let it be known that neither
May 6, 1961

Memphis World: First Jubilee King And Queen
T. Cotton-Makers Jubilee was still in its infancy when Eddie F. Hayes, North Memphis mortician; and Mrs. Ethyl Horton Venson
Jul 3, 1951

Memphis World: Cotton Makers' Jubilee Postponed
The 33-year-old cotton Makers' Jubilee, headed by Dr. R. Q. Venson, has been postponed indefinitely.
Apr 20, 1968

Letter of Appreciation
A letter from J. Edgar Hoover to Frank C. Holloman thanking him for sending a congratulatory letter on his Anniversary.
Aug 4, 1953

Interview with Ricky Tucker
This is an interview with Ricky Tucker. He was the king of the 1991 Cotton Makers' Jubilee. In his interview, Ricky Tucker
Jun 23, 2011

1980 Cotton Makers' Jubilee Program
This is the 1980 program for the Cotton Makers' Jubilee which was held May 23-31, 1980.
May 23, 1980

1975 Cotton Makers' Jubilee Program
This is the 1975 program for the Cotton Makers' Jubilee which took place May 3-11, 1975.
May 3, 1975

1970 Cotton Makers' Jubilee Program
Cotton Makers' Jubilee Program from 1970
May 10, 1970

1964 Cotton Carnival Program
The "Cotton Carnival Magazine" and official program of the thirtieth annual Memphis Cotton Carnival in 1964, published by the

1956 Cotton Makers' Jubilee Program
1956 Cotton Makers' Jubilee Program--Details the events of the 1956 Cotton-Makers' Jubilee
May 14, 1956

1952 Newspaper Article About King and Queen
1952 Newspaper Article About King and Queen. Note that the Cotton Maker's Jubilee is described as the "Negro division of the
May 13, 1953