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Mitchell Hotel and Grill Payroll
Handwritten Payroll Records for Andrew 'Sundance' Mitchell's Hotel and Grill

Insurance Certificate
Insurance certificate for Andrew Mitchell
Oct 29, 1951

Special Tax Certificates for Drug Stores circa 1963
Beale Street Collection from the Memphis Public Library Interesting Tax returns for the C. Pantaze Drug Store, seemingly

Miscellaneous Drug Store Items #1
Beale Street Collection from the Memphis Public Library

Insurance Invoice for Andrew Mitchell
Insurance invoice for Andrew Mitchell from Sam Plough
Oct 29, 1950

Insurance Statement for Andrew Mitchell
Insurance statement for Andrew Mitchell from Dick Moore, Inc.
Sep 25, 1959

Interview with Bobby Rush
This is an interview with Bobby Rush. He talks about his experiences playing on the Chitlin' Circuit. He also discusses how
Oct 18, 2011
Digital Video

Andrew Mitchell Hires Bill Harvey
This is a contract hiring Bill Harvey and B.B. King to perform at an event in Memphis on January 29, 1955. Andrew Mitchell is
Dec 23, 1954

Letter to Andrew Mitchell from Insurance Agent
Letter to Andrew Mitchell from his insurance agent Sam Plough regarding his insurance policy
Oct 2, 1950

Letter from Sam Plough to Andrew Mitchell about household insurance
Letter from Sam Plough, Georgia Home Insurance Co. to Andrew 'Sunbeam' Mitchell about a policy covering household goods at 211
Sep 15, 1950

Mitchell Hotel Loan Assignments
Hotel Loan Assignments from Mitchell Hotel in 1956.
Sep 1, 1956
Loan Balance Sheet

Mitchell Hotel Beer License
Beer License for the Mitchell Hotel on 150 Hernando. Issued in 1948
Nov 1. 1948
Paper Copy