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Program In Memoriam, His Excellency John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the United States of America
This is a program for the Kennedy Memorial Service, Sunday, November 24, 1963. Following the assassination of John F. Kennedy,
Nov 24, 1963

Hearings Before the United States Commission on Civil Rights , Hearings Held in Memphis, Tennessee, June 25-26, 1962, Session
This chapter consists of transcripts of witness testimonies given to the United States Commission on Civil Rights in Session

Letter from Claude A. Armour, Commissioner of Fire & Police to Mr. Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr., Attorney
This is a letter written by Claude A. Armour, Memphis Vice Mayor and Commissioner of Fire and Police, inviting Mr. Russell B.
Apr 20, 1962

Flyer to Elect Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr. to County Court
This is an election poster in support of Russell Sugarmon, who was campaigning for the County Court in an election to be held on
May 1, 1976

We Need Negro Representation in State Government campaigning for Sugarmon and Willis, Campaign brochure for the Election Russell
This is a campaign brochure for Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr. and A.W. Willis, Jr. Entitled "We Need Negroes in State Government," it

Letter from Russell B. Sugarmon Jr. to Paul Butler
This is a letter from Russell Sugarmon to Paul Butler, January 11, 1960. Sugarmon requests a personal meeting with Butler,
Jan 11, 1960

Letter from Lyndon B. Johnson to Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr.
This is a letter from Lyndon B. Johnson to Russell Sugarmon, July 19, 1963. The Vice President of the United States, addressing
Jul 15, 1963

Letter from Lucius Burch, Jr. to Dr. Paul Tudor Jones
This is a letter from Lucius E. Burch to Paul Tudor Jones, June 30, 1959. Burch strongly opposes the suggestion that Russell
Jun 30, 1959