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Letter from Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr. and A. W. Willis, Jr. to Fellow Citizens
This is a campaign letter from Russell Sugarmon and A. W. Willis, Jr. to Dear Fellow Citizen. Mailed widely, along with a

Letter from H. T. Lockard, President, Tennessee Federation of Democratic Leagues, Inc. to A. W. Willis, Jr., Esq.
A letter from H. T. Lockard to A. W. Willis, Jr., June 15, 1964. Lockard, President of the 9th District Democratic League,
Jun 15, 1964

Letter from the Tennessee Voters' Council to the Citizens of Middle Tennessee
This is An Open Letter from the Tennessee Voters' Council addressed to citizens of Middle Tennessee. The letter endorses Rep.
Jul 1, 1964

Immediate Press Release Regarding the Firing of Fred Davis and Rufus Jones from the State Department of Revenue
This is a News Release from Fred Davis and Rufus Jones. Davis and Jones were removed from their positions as auditors for the
Sep 1, 1964

Resolution to the Honorable Frank G. Clement, Governor of the State of Tennessee, from the Tennessee Voters Council
This is a Resolution adopted by the Tennessee Voters' Council, September 12, 1964. It is addressed to the Hon. Frank G. Clement,
Sep 12, 1964

Special Report: Political Action, October 14-16, 1964, West Tennessee 7th and 8th Congressional Districts
This is a special report on Political Action by Hugh T. Love, October 14-16, 1964. It describes the work being done to promote
Oct 14, 1964

Letter from Joe S. Taylor to A. W. Willis
Joe S. Taylor is reporting on recent events concerning the elections in District Nine of Memphis in this handwritten letter.
Dec 6, 1964

Letter from Hubert Humphrey to Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr.
This is a letter from Hubert H. Humphrey to Russell Sugarmon, May 26, 1966. The Vice President of the United States sends
May 26, 1966

Flyer to Elect Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr. to County Court
This is an election poster in support of Russell Sugarmon, who was campaigning for the County Court in an election to be held on
May 1, 1976