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(Alias: Justiceville) Profiles
This little notebook lists addresses of blacks who live on (alias: Justiceville) Road, a rural road where blacks own most of the

A History of the Klan
A hand-written summary of the Klan's founding in Pulaski, Tennessee, after the Civil War. Its founders are described as

Abraham Lincoln's Views on the Negro
A campaign statement in 1968, which includes two quotes from Abraham Lincoln on the need to separate black people from whites,

An Anti-Communist Speech
These hand-written notes were prepared for a public meeting. The author stresses the threat of communism in a changing world,

Anti-Julian Bond Cartoon
This poster portrays Julian Bond as a primitive African native whose main interests are white women and welfare. From the
Jul 4, 1967

Day Nursery
This hand-written note describes a day care center where a black teacher enrolls one black student with a few whites in order to

Facts are Facts
A statement presented as a fact sheet claims that blacks make up 10% of the U.S. population but are responsible for 91% of

Handwritten List of events
A handwritten list of dates, places (Maryville, Milan and Memphis) and events, on UKA stationery. From the Brownsville Klan

Imperial Office Newsletter
A newsletter from the national office of the United Klans of America condemns pornographic movies and encourages picketing at

Letter from the Peabody Demonstration School
(Name Redacted) expresses appreciation to Mr. (Alias: Bob West) for agreeing to meet with students at the Peabody Demonstration

Mack's Discount Salvage Store Receipt
A receipt from 1972 notes payment for night sticks, helmet liners, a large knife, and a gun rack. From the Brownsville Klan
Oct 27, 1972

Meeting Minutes from December 12, 1966
These minutes of a meeting of Klavern 10 on December 12, 1966, with six members present, focus on the definition of a quorum and
Dec 12, 1966