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UKA Meeting Flyer
Flyer for a meeting of the Klan at the Claridge Hotel in Memphis.?

UKA Banishment Decrees
A series of letters (5 total) banishing Klan members for violating the oath of allegiance and conspiring against the Klan or its

An Anti-Communist Speech
These hand-written notes were prepared for a public meeting. The author stresses the threat of communism in a changing world,

Meeting Minutes from December 12, 1966
These minutes of a meeting of Klavern 10 on December 12, 1966, with six members present, focus on the definition of a quorum and
Dec 12, 1966

(Alias: Justiceville) Profiles
This little notebook lists addresses of blacks who live on (alias: Justiceville) Road, a rural road where blacks own most of the

Anti-Julian Bond Cartoon
This poster portrays Julian Bond as a primitive African native whose main interests are white women and welfare. From the
Jul 4, 1967

Speech from July 4, 1967
Speech notes, presumably written by (alias: Bob West), for the celebration of July 4, 1967, that applaud the taking up of arms
Jul 4, 1967

Abraham Lincoln's Views on the Negro
A campaign statement in 1968, which includes two quotes from Abraham Lincoln on the need to separate black people from whites,

Mack's Discount Salvage Store Receipt
A receipt from 1972 notes payment for night sticks, helmet liners, a large knife, and a gun rack. From the Brownsville Klan
Oct 27, 1972

Letter from the Peabody Demonstration School
(Name Redacted) expresses appreciation to Mr. (Alias: Bob West) for agreeing to meet with students at the Peabody Demonstration

Pillbox Press Memphis VA Hospital
A newsletter from the VA Hospital in Memphis lists events for the week of August 7-13, 1972, which suggests that (alias: Bob
August, 1972

Memo on Klan Traditions
This three page document is drawn from Klan resolutions and outline the central traditions of the Klan: Christianity, preserving