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Letter from Claude A. Armour Jr. Commissioner of Fire & Police to Mr. A. Maceo Walker
This letter, copied to Russell B. Sugarmon Jr. and four other leaders of the Volunteer Organization, acknowledges an agreement
Jul 6, 1961

Letter from Attorney Henry M. Beaty, Jr. to T.H. Hayes, Jr
Henry Beaty, Jr. asks T.H. Hayes, Jr. to give an account of Russell Sugarmon, Jr.'s character and education so the Bar
Jan 11, 1956

Interview with Russell B. Sugarmon Jr.
This is an interview with Russell B. Sugarmon Jr., a prominent Memphian who fought to combat racism and establish civil rights
May 23, 2007
Digital video

Honorable Russell B. Sugarmon, General Session Civil Judge, Division IV
This document is a biographical sketch of Russell B. Sugarmon's life and professional career. The document contains information

Flyer to Elect Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr. to County Court
This is an election poster in support of Russell Sugarmon, who was campaigning for the County Court in an election to be held on
May 1, 1976

Brief Biographical Sketch of Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr. (Second)
This is a short synopsis and biography of Russell Sugarmon Jr.

Brief Biographical Sketch of Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr. (First)
This is a resume of Russell B. Sugarmon's education and professional career.