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What Big Brother Means
In this typed and handwritten document, the author discusses seven stages that will transform America into a country based on a
Handwritten Document

In this document, the author discuss how the country can have freedom and slavery occur at the same time.
Handwritten Document

Tennessee UKA KKKK
In this document, the author states that there is no Freedom with Justice for all and that the American people are "enslaved by
Handwritten Document

Almighty God
The author of this letter writes a prayer to God that asks for the maintanence of a certain way of life.
Handwritten Document

State Meeting Notes
This document contains information from a Knights of the Klu Klux Klan state meeting.
Handwritten Document

Do Not Strangle Our Freedom
In this document, the author talks about how the People are servants to the Politicians instead of the Politicians being
Handwritten Document

The Purity of the Racial Stock
This document discusses the preservation of racial traiditions and how Blacks are also becoming concerned with the preservation
Handwritten Document

Forces of Destruction
He author of this document describes the government as "forces of destruction" because of Civil Rights legislation.
Handwritten Document

Moral Right
A handwritten document which discusses the Klan beliefs, such as their support for a strong military and opposition to those who
Handwritten Document

Police are Being Undermined
A hand written paragraph which states that police are the target of a well organized conspiracy to make the American people hate
Handwritten Document

The First Lie
This document, which is handwritten on official Klan meeting minute stationery, includes several biblical verses concerning
Handwritten Document

Biblical Verses
A piece of paper from a notepad with several biblical verses.
Handwritten Document