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In this document, the author discuss how the country can have freedom and slavery occur at the same time.
Handwritten Document

(postcard)-Fight Communism
This is a handout encouraging White, Gentile persons of the Protestant faith who "believe in white supremacy and Americanism,"

2 Peter 2:4
A handwritten document in black ink which has an assortment of biblical passages from the New Testament
Handwritten Document

Almighty God
The author of this letter writes a prayer to God that asks for the maintanence of a certain way of life.
Handwritten Document

Application for Citizenship in the Knights of the KKK
This is an application for admission into the Klan. References are required. It also includes a way to make a donation.
application form

Application for Citizenship in the Knights of the KKK, signed John Scott
This is a an application for admission into the Klan that has been half filled out by John Scott. On the back he lists Beau
application form

Application for State Security Guard Realm of Tennessee
A document that was used to apply for the position of state security guard in the United Klans of America for the Tennessee
application form

Are You Ready
The author of this document discusses the increase in federal involvement in state affairs. He is asking his constituents if
Handwritten Document

This document discusses the assimilation of blacks into the political and social life of America as equals of whites. The
Handwritten Document

Biblical Questions
This document contains handwritten questions that are subsequently answered by biblical verses. For example: "In what work are
Handwritten Document

Biblical Verses
A piece of paper from a notepad with several biblical verses.
Handwritten Document

Biblical Verses 2
Four biblical verses written down on a scrap piece of small notebook paper.
Handwritten Document