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Martin Luther King Car Theft
Handout that claims Martin Luther King and the SCLC are using stolen cars and that the conduct is being covered up from the
May 6, 1966

A poem entitled "Life" which discusses the struggle to make a living and raise children. The name at the end of the poem says
Handwritten Document

Liberty, Freedom, Independence, Justice
The author of this document discusses the liberty, freedom, independence, and justice in America.
Handwritten Document

Liberty -- Independence
In this short note, the author discusses what the American flag symbolizes.
Handwritten Document

Klan Komments
This document is a state of what the Tennessee Realm of the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan stands for.
Handwritten Document

Influence on Vote
A couple random hanwritten sentences on a piece of paper. Among them is the affirmation that no friend or prejudice will
Handwritten Document

Guaranteed Wage
This document talkes about Al Gore when he was a senator. The author states that Tennessee members of the KKK should vote
Handwritten Document

Government and the War
In this document, which is handwritten in blue in on notebook paper, the author writes that they can see the government losing a
Handwritten Document

Forces of Destruction
He author of this document describes the government as "forces of destruction" because of Civil Rights legislation.
Handwritten Document

Equality of Opportunity
In this document, the author writes that the American people are promised opportunity, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness.
Handwritten Document

Enlargement of Government Powers
Pages 3, 4 and 5 of a larger handwritten document that discusses how Congress wishes to enlarge government powers and curtail
Handwritten Document

Do Not Strangle Our Freedom
In this document, the author talks about how the People are servants to the Politicians instead of the Politicians being
Handwritten Document