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Tennessee UKA KKKK
In this document, the author states that there is no Freedom with Justice for all and that the American people are "enslaved by
Handwritten Document

The First Lie
This document, which is handwritten on official Klan meeting minute stationery, includes several biblical verses concerning
Handwritten Document

The Purity of the Racial Stock
This document discusses the preservation of racial traiditions and how Blacks are also becoming concerned with the preservation
Handwritten Document

The Secret Signs and Symbols of the Klan
This is a list of the secret signs and symbols of the Klan, including the sign of the fiery cross and the sign of secrecy.

The Sword of Patriotism
In this document, the author is talking about how the culture has changed since 1900. The author says there is more to know now
Handwritten Document

Transfer or Demit Form
This is a document required for members wishing to transfer Klans. It includes directions for transfer, and it had to be filled

United Defense Fund
This is a piece of propaganda encouraging people to donate a specified sum to the United Defense Fund "for the sole purpose of

Unwritten Laws
Handwritten document about how current violence is not necessarily immoral.
Handwritten Document

Wake Up America
This notes by Adron Presley calls for America to "Wake Up" politically. He is asking his readers to vote George Wallace
Handwritten Document

A small piece of paper that has handwritten notes about war in the past, present and future
Handwritten Document

What Big Brother Means
In this typed and handwritten document, the author discusses seven stages that will transform America into a country based on a
Handwritten Document

What Happens Anywhere Matters Everywhere
Bridgewater writes in a short few sentences on a small piece of paper that he believes in God for intellectual reasons, and that
Handwritten Document