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National Debt
The author of this note talks about the National Debt of the United States of America. He blames the debt on "the black plague"
Handwritten Document

Liberty -- Independence
In this short note, the author discusses what the American flag symbolizes.
Handwritten Document

Liberty, Freedom, Independence, Justice
The author of this document discusses the liberty, freedom, independence, and justice in America.
Handwritten Document

Spirit of the Lord
This document is written on paper that was used when writing the minutes during a meeting. It discusses where the "Spirit of
Handwritten Document

Wake Up America
This notes by Adron Presley calls for America to "Wake Up" politically. He is asking his readers to vote George Wallace
Handwritten Document

The Sword of Patriotism
In this document, the author is talking about how the culture has changed since 1900. The author says there is more to know now
Handwritten Document

Equality of Opportunity
In this document, the author writes that the American people are promised opportunity, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness.
Handwritten Document

Transfer or Demit Form
This is a document required for members wishing to transfer Klans. It includes directions for transfer, and it had to be filled

United Defense Fund
This is a piece of propaganda encouraging people to donate a specified sum to the United Defense Fund "for the sole purpose of

Martin Luther King Car Theft
Handout that claims Martin Luther King and the SCLC are using stolen cars and that the conduct is being covered up from the
May 6, 1966

Application for Citizenship in the Knights of the KKK
This is an application for admission into the Klan. References are required. It also includes a way to make a donation.
application form

Application for Citizenship in the Knights of the KKK, signed John Scott
This is a an application for admission into the Klan that has been half filled out by John Scott. On the back he lists Beau
application form