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Interview with Miriam Northrop
Video in the Crossroads to Freedom repository. This interview is with Mrs. Miriam Northrup a long time resdent of the Evergreen
Jul 22, 2009
born digital

Interview with Judge Robert Benham and Ann Benham
This is an interview with Judge Robert Benham an Ann Benham. In this interview, they discuss their experiences during the 1950s
Jul 14, 2010
digital video

Interview with Jane and Robert Patterson
This is an interview with both Robert and Jane Patterson. In this interview they talk about their lives growing up and their
Jul 7, 2010
Digital Video

Interview with Jan Coleman
This is an interview with Jan Coleman, current owner of the Galloway Mansion. In this interview she discusses the history of the
Jul 12, 2010
Digital Video

Interview with James Jalenak
This is an interview with James Jalenak. He is a known lawyer in Memphis and he now the CAO of the Memphis Zoo. In this

Interview with Frances Brown
Frances Brown was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1913 and has lived here ever since. In her time she has lived in both South
Jul 14, 2010

Interview with Earline Duncan
In this Interview, Mrs. Duncan talks about Memphis during the 1950s and 1960s. She also describes school integration from her
Jul 23, 2010