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Unsigned letter to Harvey G. Foster, May 13, 1953
papers of Mr. Holloman--Unsigned letter to Harvey G. Foster, May 13, 1953
May 13, 1953

Travel Voucher
Travel Voucher given to Mr. Holloman for his official travel expenses from May 13 to 27 of 1953

Thank You Letter for Concern
This is letter is from J. Edgar Hoover stating his thanks to Frank Holloman for being concerned about his illness.
Sep 29, 1948

Thank You Letter for Christmas Gift
Mr. Hoover's thanked Mr. Holloman and other members in his office staff for the Christmas gift.
Jan 2, 1953

Thank You Letter for Birthday - Mr. Hoover
Mr. Hoover thanked Mr. Holloman for the celebration of his brithday and return.
Jan 2, 1953

Thank You Letter for Birthday - Frank C. Holloman
Letter from Frank C. Holloman thanking J. Edgar Hoover for sending his regards on Holloman's birthday.
Jul 8, 1953

Thank You Letter - Response to Letter of Compliment
Mr. Hoover's thank-you letter in response to the compliment letter on April 14, 1953
Apr 16, 1953

Thank You Letter - Response to Anniversary Congratulations
Thank You Letter from the Director for Mr. Holloman's congratulation upon his Anniversary
May 13, 1953

Statement of Differences
An accounting voucher for Frank C. Holloman.
May 12, 1953

Splendid Work - Installation of Shaw-Walker Space Saver Index Guide System
John Edgar Hoover is expressing his gratitude to Frank Holloman.
Oct 3, 1951

Sick Notice
Notes from a telephone conversation with Frank Holloman. Holloman told the person he was speaking to that he was sick.
Nov 18, 1953

Response letter to John Mansfield
Letter written by Frank C. Holloman to John P. Mansfield with regard to the Director's coming to Texas.
Mar 17, 1953