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Letter from Frank Holleman to John P. Mansfield, March 17, 1953
papers of Mr. Holleman--Letter from Frank C. Holleman to John P. Mansfield, March 17, 1953
Mar 17, 1953

Letter from J. Edgar Hoover to Agent Holleman
papers of Mr. Holleman
Jun 30, 1951

papers of Mr. Holleman

Removal From New Agents' Class
papers of Mr. Holleman
Jun 29, 1951

Be More Selective 2
Letter from J. Edgar Hoover discussing the employment status of William James Orr. The letter also discusses recommendations for
Jun 30, 1951

Letter from Irving Saypol, US Attorney to J. Edgar Hoover
papers of Mr. Holleman--letter from US Attorney Irving Saypol to J Edgar Hoover
Mar 7, 1950

Letter from J. Edgar Hoover to Frank C. Holloman
Letter from J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to Frank C. Holloman, congratulating him on his
July 13, 1950

General Thank You from Frank Holleman to Employees
papers of Mr. Holleman--thank you letter from Frank Holleman to his office on his birthday
Jul 8, 1953

Memphis World: Give Negro Holloman's Post-NAACP
The Memphis Branch NA ACP has called on Mayor Loeb to name a black person to succeed Frank C. Holloman as director of fire and
Sep 26, 1970

Memphis World: Mrs. Maxine Smith Protests: Cops Insult Negro Women Jailed At City Hall Sit-in
Mrs. Maxine A. Smith, executive secretary of the local NAACP, has called on Director of Fire and Police Frank C. Holloman to
Mar 16, 1968

Frank C. Holloman Travel Voucher
Travel voucher from FBI reimbursing Mr. Holloman for his travel expenses
Still Photograph

Statement of Differences
A voucher for Frank C. Holloman.
May 12, 1953