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1949 Letter of Promotion
A letter from J. Edgar Hoover to Frank Holloman indicating that the latter had been given a raise in response to the Uniform
Nov 4, 1949

Removed from Probation
This is a letter from John Edgar Hoover to Frank C. Holloman informing him that he has been removed from probation and promoted.
Oct 1, 1951

Office Memorandum about Hyman Wynne
It is an office memorandum from the SAC to SA Franck C. Holloman about how he handled the Hyman Wynne investigation. Papers of
Jan 24, 1949

Probationary Appointment as a Special Agent
John Edgar Hoover is inviting Mr. Frank C. Holloman to become a Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation
Mar 9, 1948

Payroll Change
Pay stub for Holloman.
Sep 26, 1951

Notification of Personnel Action - May 1951
NOTE - DO NOT PUBLISH. A paystub for Mr. Frank C. Holloman.
May 12, 1951

Notification of Personnel Action - September 1951
This is a paystub from the Frank C. Holloman collection.
Sep 29, 1951

Accepting Speech to Alexandria Boys' Club
This is a letter accepting the invitation to speak to the Alexandria Boys' Club.
Mar 15, 1950

Letter from John Edgar Hoover to Irving H. Saypol
John Edgar Hoover is thanking Mr. Saypol for his remarks on the participation of the FBI in the case of the United Staes v.
Mar 20, 1950

Letter from Frank C. Holloman to his employees
Letter written by Frank C. Holloman thanking his office for a birthday cake.
Jul 8, 1953

Thank You Letter for Birthday - Mr. Hoover
Mr. Hoover thanked Mr. Holloman for the celebration of his brithday and return.
Jan 2, 1953

Thank You Letter for Christmas Gift
Mr. Hoover's thanked Mr. Holloman and other members in his office staff for the Christmas gift.
Jan 2, 1953