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Work Experience Continued
This document is continuation of the description of Russell B. Sugarmon's work experience. It specifically lists several civil
Dec 1, 1994

We Need Negro Representation in State Government campaigning for Sugarmon and Willis, Campaign brochure for the Election Russell
This is a campaign brochure for Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr. and A.W. Willis, Jr. Entitled "We Need Negroes in State Government," it

Tennessee Voters' Council, List of Officers
This is a one-page list containing the officers of the Tennessee Voters' Council. It comes from the year of 1964 and starts with

Sugarmon, Evers, Bates Get Coveted Honors - Cited for Efforts in Arena of Civil Rights
Details the life of W. O. Walker, recounting the success his newspaper, the Call and Post, and his political activity. The
Jan 23, 1960
Newspaper Clipping

Program In Memoriam, His Excellency John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the United States of America
This is a program for the Kennedy Memorial Service, Sunday, November 24, 1963. Following the assassination of John F. Kennedy,
Nov 24, 1963

Pamphlet from the John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson Campaign
This is a sample ballot of the Shelby County Democratic Club, Fall 1960. Page 1 is entitled Clearing the Way for JFK in

Pamphlet for the Memphis Election - Volunteer Ticket
This is a campaign pamphlet of the Volunteer Ticket, which is made up of African-American candidates, August 1959. Page 1

Organizational Plans for Citizens Non-Partisan Voters Registration Campaign for 1962 in Shelby County
This is a long memo entitled "Organizational Plans for Citizens Non-Partisan Voters Registration Campaign for 1962 in Memphis

News of Bygone Days [25 Years Ago, Aug. 22.1959]
This clipping marks the 25th anniversary of the 1959 campaign for the Volunteer Ticket; it notes that Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr.,
Aug 22, 1984
Newspaper Clipping

Memo to Russell Sugarmon from Johnnie Turner
This is a memo to Russell Sugarmon from Johnnie Turner detailing the panel members, S. B. Kyles and Maxine Smith and the

Letter from the Tennessee Voters' Council to the Citizens of Middle Tennessee
This is An Open Letter from the Tennessee Voters' Council addressed to citizens of Middle Tennessee. The letter endorses Rep.
Jul 1, 1964

Letter from T.H. Hayes, Jr. to Attorney Henry M. Beaty Jr
A letter of recommendation for Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr. to be admitted to the bar in Memphis and Shelby County. The author
Jan 12, 1956