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Interview with Al Bell
This is an interview with Al Bell. Mr. Bell speaks of his life, his music, and his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. He
Apr 1, 2010
Digital Video

Liner Notes - Interview with John Fry
This is an interview in the Liner Notes collection, a collaboration between Crossroads and the Memphis Rock 'N' Soul Museum.
Apr 1, 2010
Digital Video

Interview with Eddie Ray
This is an interview with Mr. Eddie Ray, who was a high level executive in the music industry and a U.S. commissioner for
Oct 4, 2006
Digital Video

Interview with Joanne Cash
This is an interview with Joanne Cash, Johnny Cash's younger sister. In this interview, she discusses the life of Johnny Cash,
Aug 13, 2009

Interview with Jesse Winchester
In this interview, Jesse Winchester, a musician from Memphis, Tn, discusses his childhood in Memphis. He also talks about his
Nov 19, 2010

1977 Beale Street Music Festival Program
The program guide for the first annual Beale Street Music Festival in May 1977.
May 14, 1977

Interview with Onzie Horne
This is an interview with Mr. Onzie Horne. He discusses his family and the extensive musical background of his father, Onzie
Jun 17, 2008
Digital Video

Interview with Bobby Rush
In this interview with Bobby Rush, he talks about his experiences playing on the Chitlin' Circuit. He also discusses how
Oct 18, 2011
Digital Video

Interview with Cody Dickinson
This is an interview with Cody Dickson, Jim Dickinson's son about his continuing his father's music career. He elaborates on his
Sep 20, 2011

Interview with Buck Hutchenson
This is an interview with Mr. Buck Hutchenson, a Blues guitarist growing up in the South. He talks about his experiences playing
Mar 5, 2012
Digital Video

Interview with Wayne Jackson
Wayne Jackson, a Grammy's Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, shares his history as a musician, highlighting his time with
July 13, 2011
Video Interview

Interview with Percy Brown
In this interview with Percy Brown conducted by William Shepherd, Mr. Brown discusses his involvement with the first Memphis in
Apr 2, 2011